Meet the Herd

Palamino Halflinger
13.2 Hands
DOB: Approximately 2006
Arrival at Refuge: 2015

Jonah is a former Amish cart horse, and was donated to the Ranch in 2015. Jonah is probably the most versatile horse at the Ranch. He does it all! His short, but thick stature makes him especially ideal for our Freedom Reins program, in which he carried our special needs kiddos with the utmost care. 


Strawberry Roan
15.2 hands
DOB: Approximately 2002
Arrival at Refuge: 2017

Orion’s owner had more horses than she had time to ride, and believed he had the steady temperament to do the work of loving kids at the Ranch. She was absolutely right! He is a willing reliable friend to our crew. 


Grulla Paint 
14.2 hands
DOB: 2004
Arrival at Refuge: 2006

Willow came to the Ranch young and nearly unhandled. She is the baby of our herd. An “in-your-pocket” kind of gal, she loves people and is one of the first to greet you when you walk into the paddock. With silky smooth gaits, Willow is turning into a reliable mount for the Ranch’s kiddos. 


DOB: 2004
Arrival at Refuge: 2018

Jed’s owner was having trouble keeping weight on him and he had a severe case of rain rot. As a retired barrel horse, in the arena, his instinct is “speed,” but he is learning a more laid-back approach to life. He loves people and is kind and willing-- as sweet as they come! 

Jedidiah (Jed)

Spotted Tennesse Walking Horse
DOB: approx 2013
Arrival at Ranch: 2016

Rose came to the Ranch after her owner rescued her at an auction but was unable to provide longterm care for her. In 2018, Rose sustained a traumatic injury when she sliced open her neck on a piece of metal. After months of recuperation, this sweet mare has been reintegrated back into our programs. Her flashy coloring is a delight to ranch visitors. 


Dun Quarter Horse
15 Hands
DOB: Unknown
Arrival at Refuge: Spring of 2014

Rapha came to the Ranch after sustaining two very serious injuries within a short period of time. His owners were unable to provide the care he needed, so the vet reached out to Refuge to see if we might have a place for him. The name Rapha means “to heal”, and not only have his own injuries healed, but Rapha has been instrumental in the healing of many heart wounds in those who visit the Ranch. 


Bay Appaloosa/White Blanket
14.3 hands
DOB: Approximately 1995
Arrival at Refuge: 2008

Jackson was the very first horse to call Refuge Ranch home! This sweet gelding has taught countless kids and adults the fundamentals of riding… but far more importantly, he has been a faithful, steadying friend to so many. Despite an ornery streak, or perhaps in part because of it, he is beloved by kids and adults alike. Even in his senior years, he is still loving and serving kids with his unique blend of stubborn kindness. 


Paint Miniature Horse
9 hands
DOB: Approximately 2008

Arrival at Refuge: 2015 along with her 1 week old foal, Lilo. 


Quarter Horse
DOB: 2010
Arrival at Refuge: 2019

Trinity was donated to the Ranch in 2019. She is a very easygoing girl- walk is her favorite gait. She is such a great size for many of our riders. While she is as stubborn as they come, she has managed to endear herself to many Ranch participants. 


Quarter Horse/Foxtrotter Cross??, chestnut
DOB: 1998
Arrival at Refuge Ranch: 2018

Eli arrived at the ranch right around the same time as Jed & they have been pals ever since. Eli is a steady, reliable horse. He can be a little stubborn at times, but his sweet personality & steady temperament makes him a good steady mount for young & new riders. He is also a regular mount for our Freedom Reins program. 


Approx. 24 y.o.


Quarter Pony, red roan
DOB: Approx. 2000
Arrival at Refuge: 2022

Rusty came to the ranch in 2022, a new member of Adaptive Riding Director Jen McCormick’s family. Coming from a situation that wasn’t ideal, he was thin & walked on the soles of his feet. With good care from our farrier, some groceries & lots of love from Jen & her girls as well as other staff & volunteers, Rusty is flourishing! He is a great size for our smaller riders & his sweet temperament has made him a favorite around the ranch.  


Miniature Horse, chocolate palomino
DOB: Approx. 2017
Arrival at Refuge: 2021

Mabel was rescued from a bad situation & came to the ranch after that. She was so fearful that she could hardly be handled. With lots of love & patience from our kiddos, staff & volunteers, she is slowly beginning to overcome some of that. Still fearful of being caught, once she is, Mabel is very compliant & seems to enjoy being brushed, going for walks, & nibbling on sweet grass.


Miniature Donkey
DOB: 2020
Arrival at Refuge: 2022

Mr. Pickles came to the ranch Fall of 2022 as a companion for our miniature mare, Mabel. His super sweet & curious personality has endeared him to everyone that meets him. Our hope is that he will become a confident ambassador for the ranch as we travel to different schools & churches in the area. He’s simply the cutest!  

Mr. Pickles

Fox Trotter, bay
DOB: 2002
Arrival at Refuge: 2022

Jewel was a beloved & well cared for trail horse for many years, but when her owner began to struggle with the physical demands of horse ownership, she reached out to the ranch to see if we might be able to use Jewel & pasture mate Jorge for our programs. Though she is known to be a little on the cranky side with her pasture mates, Jewel is sweet as can be with her human companions. She’s a reliable mount, especially for some of our more timid riders, as she prefers a slower pace, and she has been a wonderful addition for our Freedom Reins program. 


Fox Trotter, chestnut pinto
16 hands
DOB: 2008
Arrival at Refuge: 2022

Jorge was a beloved & well cared for trail horse for many years, but when his owner began to struggle with the physical demands of horse ownership, she contacted the ranch to see if we might be able to use Jorge & pasture mate Jewel for our programs. Jorge has quickly become a ranch favorite with his sweet temperament & flashy color.  



Gray Quarter Horse
15.2 Hands
DOB: 2008
Arrived at Refuge: 2023

Levi is the ranch’s newest addition. A former owner rode him in English disciplines and then he was used as a lesson horse. At Refuge, he will be an all-around horse, used for both our mentoring program & Freedom Reins. He has a sweet temperament & enjoys attention. We look forward to getting to know him better & are confident he will quickly become a favorite at the ranch.